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ANCHOVETA SAC is a company constantly striving for excellence, providing its best efforts to achieve their goals and in a short time to become a large exporter of anchovies in a number of high quality presentations to various markets.

We are located in the preferential zone of Chincha, near the major fishing ports, where we obtain the freshest raw materials, such as our fresh breezes of our extensive coast.

By implementing various management strategies and the most advanced techniques, we have achieved a strong presence abroad through the export of anchovies, with unparalleled quality and responds to the most demanding markets. This is the reason why we are a company that provides confidence, serious at the business dealings, which it is shown through the confidence that offers to their customers.

Based on the quality of our products and promoting the development of individuals and institutions with whom we relate, is that we are sure we can achieve the objectives set for the welfare of all those who integrate the great family of ANCHOVETA SAC.

Being able to supply quality products and fulfill our customers' requirements and that they are satisfied with our work.

As a Peruvian company, we want to become a leader in exports of anchovies, promoting the development model to enhance the welfare of our consumers and continue to comply with health standards and environmental safety requirements.

Our main goal is to consolidate before the world as a referent company, in production of anchovies.

We seek to produce throughout the year, our best products, to satisfy our customers and consumers by meeting our production schedules on time.

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